About Me

I feel as though I’ve been making my way, albeit by a very circuitous route, to school librarianship my entire life. I have found that my past educational and work experiences all combine into being a librarian and I can not wait to get into a school and begin working with students and teachers!

Early Years

I am a lifelong Central New Yorker having grown up in the Marcellus area where I played soccer and participated in many local theater and dance productions. I started coaching and refereeing soccer, mentoring elementary students, and teaching dance classes when I was in high school. It was these early experiences working with children that became the foundation to my decision to go into librarianship.

Education and Work Experience

After completing high school I began the journey to find out what I really wanted to be. I attended SUNY Brockport for a year before settling in Tampa Florida and getting my degree in History from the University of Tampa. I also minored in Speech, Theater and Dance at UT.  While there I worked as choreographer and costumer in the dance department as well as volunteered at many community events teaching dance to school children.

After I graduated from Tampa I moved home to the Syracuse area and began working as a Special Education Aide in the Skaneateles School District and began a Masters program at Lemoyne College in Special Education. I eventually switched both Masters programs and jobs . I began working as a Legal Secretary in a small downtown law firm and started a Masters program in History at SUNY Cortland. I enjoyed both jobs and both Masters Programs, but was finding that none of it was the perfect fit.

Finding the right career

In late 2009 I finally figured it all out. I began working on a book blog with several other women from around the US, many of whom worked in the education field. While talking to one of them she mentioned that she was just finishing up her Masters in Library Science and though it would be a good fit for me. After looking into the program at Syracuse University I realized that she was right and I haven’t looked back!

I truly feel that every class I’ve taken over the years will only allow me to be a better librarian. The research skills I learned in my History courses will allow me to assist both teachers and students in their research needs. My experience in my theater program included classes in story telling and public speaking and those skills carry over into the library in a number of ways. My coursework in the Special Education program at Lemoyne and my experience as an Aide have allowed me to be familiar with different modification and ways to help all students learn in the library environment.


Today I am wrapping two amazing years at Syracuse University. I still live in the Syracuse area and hope to find a job here as well.

In my spare time I participate in a lot of different activities. I have a horse who I love to take out on trail rides, and who my daughter has begun showing (while I play the part of spotter and photographer!). I play soccer in a local recreation league and have recently joined the Fleet Feet running program and I have set the lofty goal of running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon next February! I still take and teach dance classes when possible.

The thing that really has become a passion is working on my two book blogs. A Reader’s Ramblings is my personal blog where I comment on many genre’s of books and Eve’s Fan Garden is a site that I work on with 7 fabulous other women from around the United States and we focus primarily on Young Adult titles. Through both blogs I’ve had the opportunity to work with publishers and authors on promoting books, hosting contests and giveaways and sharing great books with our followers. I’m excited to bring these relationships and opportunities into the library setting.

Contacting me

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.

I can be emailed at kate@elstadhouse.com

I can also be found on twitter @ReadersRambling


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