Collaboration & Leadership

Instructional Partner

Collaborative Unit Lesson Plan –  The “All About Marshes, Swamps and Bogs” lesson was developed in collaboration with the fifth grade science curriculum at Van Buren Elementary in the Baldwinsville Central School District. Students studied a variety of biomes and ecosystems, specifically marshes, swamps and bogs. They examined not only the characteristics, animals and plants that live in these biomes, but also the similarities and differences between the three. Their final project was creating a Glog poster that shared their findings and presenting it to the class.
Lesson Plan

The Cay Research Project– The Cay Research Project was developed in collaboration with a 7th Grade English teacher at Onondaga Hill Middle School in the Westhill School District. The project was to research a specific term related to the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor and create a presentation using visual aids such as power points, diagrams, brochure or 3d models. Students came to the library to learn how to use the online encyclopedias, databases, good search strategies and how to properly cite their resources.
Lesson Plan

Educational Leader

High School Book Club – the High School book club ran for a full year at Marcellus Senior High School. Over the course of the year students read a variety of books and participated in lively discussions. As part of the book club students were able to attend a Skype chat with author A.S. King, whose book The Dust of 100 Dogs was a book club selection.

Literacy NightReading is a Winter Wonderland was held at Main Street School in the North Syracuse School District. During the event students and parents listened to two read aloud stories that focused on the theme of winter. During the break out sessions students created winter themed bookmarks while parents attended a discussion on the benifits of reading aloud to children and went over strategies for getting the most out of read aloud time.
Literacy Night Proposal

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