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Fairy Tales (k-1) Students will learn about the history and elements of fairy tales and be able to identify these elements in a specific fairy tale. Students will also complete a project where they will explore another fairy tale and create their own movie.
Lesson Plan
SmartBoard Lesson

Chinese New Year Celebration (k-5) Students will learn about the Chinese New Year as well as see and investigate traditional artifacts and objects from China.
Lesson Plan

Bird: Gangs, Drugs and Finding Your Thing (2-5) Students will learn about the how drugs and gangs affect children and families by listening to and discussing Bird by Zetta Elliot.
Lesson Plan
SmartBoard lesson

Parts of a Book (2) Students will learn about the parts of a book, including physical aspects like the cover and the spine, as well as things like the table of contents, illustrations and the author.
Lesson Plan
SmartBoard Lesson
Parts of a Book video

Poetry (2-4) Students listen to various types of poems, listening for the rhymes. Students will also be able to create a short poem as a group at the end of the first lesson. During the second lesson students will focus on the order and sequencing of the poem presented and be able to repeat the poem from memory as part of an activity.
Lesson Plan
SmartBoard Activity: There’s a Zoo in Room 22

Martin Luther King Week (3-5) Students will learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by learning about his life, hearing a section of his I Have a Dream speech and discussing his beliefs and actions.
LessLesson Plan
SmartBoard Lesson

Adventure Blog (4) This is a semester long project in which students will choose an adventurer to study and blog about. Each week student will be responsible for answering one or two questions about their adventurer on the blog as well as reading and commenting on their classmates work.
Lesson Plan

Exploring Haudenosaunee Life (4) This short research project that will present students with the opportunity to examine Haudenosaunee artifacts/replicas (objects) and research their uses in the daily life of the community. Students will gather information on a Fact Sheet, create a Wordle based on the information they gathered and present their findings to their classmates.
Lesson Plan

Internet Safety (5) Students will learn about Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying. Specifically they will hear about the situations that can occur online, what information needs to be kept safe and learn tips to keep themselves safe online. They will also learn about common forms of cyber bullying and ways to stop it and/or avoid it.
Lesson Plan
SmartBoard Lesson

Marshes, Swamps and Bogs (5) Students will study a variety of biomes and ecosystems focusming specifically on marshes, swamps and bogs. They will examine not only the characteristics, animals and plants that live in these biomes, but also the similarities and differences between the three. As a project they will create a Glogster poster sharing the information they have found in their research.
Lesson Plan
Creating a Glog video tutorial

Literary Mash Up (6) Students will learn about the specific themes, motifs and symbols found in 4 classics books, Treasure Island, Little Women, Tom Sawyer and The Secret Garden. They will then explore how these themes connect to current media insluding books, movies and music. As a final project students will choose one classic and a modern story or song that contains the same themes and create a mash-up video using Animoto.
Lesson Plan

Website Evaluation (6-8) Students will learn about analyzing and evaluating websites using the 5 W’s. As a project they will evaluate a website of their choice and decide whether to use it or lose it.
Lesson Plan
Worksheet (developed using Kathy Schrock’s Website Evaluation method)
Power Point

The Cay Research Project(7) As preparation for a research projeject in English, students will learn about the specific resources available in the library, focusing primarily on the online Encyclopedias. Students will learn good search strategies, how to analyze validity of outside sources and how to properly cite their work.
Lesson Plan

To Use or Not To Use (11) This lesson focuses on giving a brief, but thorough overview of copyright v. creative commons resources as preparation for creating book trailers for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Lesson Plan

Fun & Games!

Library Quiz Show (5-8) This game show style activity was created in collaboration with the 6th graders at Onondaga Hill Middle School. It contains trivia questions on classic and contemporary middle grade and YA novels.
Library Quiz Show
Answer Key

All Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Smart Board Notebooks are available for use through a Creative Commons License. You may alter them to fit your classroom needs,so long as you attribute the work to me.

Creative Commons License
Lesson Plans by Kate Taddeo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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